New Single: Syn’Zere “FDYK”


Take a listen to the latest single from rising southern hip hop recording artist and Blacktopia featured artist Syn’Zere titled “FDYK” here at this direct link

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Hustle Mill Featured Artist: Hemingway


Get more familiar with rising North Carolina based hip hop recording artist



Bio –
Born in Wiesbaden, Germany & raised in Myrtle Beach,SC; Hemingway is one of the Carolinas most promising young hip-hop acts to come. With a seemingly effortless flow and a ultra vivid storytelling ability, the southern spitter is sure to be around for a while.
Since 2010, Hemingway has been releasing original music, remixes & vlogs via YouTube and various other sites. On May 2, 2011 he self engineered and released his first mixtape called “The Carolina Buzz” via and a little over a month later; on June 6, 2011 his first underground EP “Listen Up” followed all under the stage name “Dreadz”. Hemingway has a total of 6 projects to date: 3 mixtapes, 2 all original EPs and 1 all original studio mixtape. All projects, but one were self engineered with most of the production from up and coming beatmakers/producers Young Hood & Migrayne Boy.
In 2013 the first all original installment to “The Carolina Buzz” was release via Standing as his first official effort. TCB was self recorded, but mixed at the “Boom Room” studios in Columbia,SC by “Fat Rat Da Czar” who is one of the most established hip-hop artist/engineers on the South Carolina independent music scene. With production from artist/producer Young Hood & the late Speaker Knockerz (RIP), along with a few other underground beat makers. “The Carolina Buzz” serves as Hemingway’s hottest project yet. But the carolina kid still has a bit more to prove.
In 2015 the dope emcee will be releasing the “Side Tracked”. The first single “Lighters”, produced by Kenzo is now available on Itunes & The official video was released February 20th 2015 via Youtube & Vimeo.    
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IG x Twitter x Soundcloud: @HemingwayIII

Website –




Hemingway "Right On Time" (Radio)

Take a listen to his new single “Right On Time” here at this direct link

Flyy Drexler “Came From Nothing” (Single Of The Week)

Flyy Drexler "Came From Nothing" (Clean)


Take a listen to the Hustle Mill single of the week by rising North Carolina based lyricist Flyy Drexler titled “Came From Nothing”.  Flyy Drexler is spitting hard hitting facts in rhyme form over a slick beat for the streets.  Listen to the single at the link below for yourself to hear exactly where he’s coming from.


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New Single from Mz. Ariez “D.F.W.Y.H.”


Listen to the new single from Atlanta stationed recording artist Mz. Ariez titled “D.F.W.Y.H.” (Don’t Fuck With You Hoes) here!  For booking e-mail

Video: Seymour Banks’ studio session for “Flex”


Check out Seymour Banks’ video for the studio session for the song “Flex”!  The official music video will be coming very soon.  Keep checking back for more updates!  Get more information on Seymour Banks at and

Seymour Banks on Soundcloud

Seymour Banks is a rising independent artist putting out amazing music!  Listen to the brilliance behind his music and sharp lyrical abilities on these tracks featured on Soundcloud.


Abiss the Lyricist “Point and Shoot” (NEW SINGLE)

Abiss "Point and Shoot" (Clean Version)

Listen to the new single from Abiss the Lyricist titled “Point and Shoot”.  The song is a dis to all the artists that like to make subliminal disses to artists and sneak attacks without saying their names or straight calling them out directly.  You can listen to the single here at this direct link


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Video Spotlight: “Get Sexy For Me” by Mono Bagends


Check out the steamy, sexy, hot new video from Mono Bagends titled “Get Sexy For Me”!  Get more updates on Mono Bagends at his official website at and his official promo blog

Hustle Mill Interview with Nikia

Singer Nikia talks to Hustle Mill about her music, upcoming projects and plans for the holiday!  Read all about what she has to say here……
Hustle Mill: Hey Nikia, are you ready for the Holidays?
Nikia:  No I am not ready I’m a last minute shopper lol
Hustle Mill:  Are you doing anything special for Christmas?
Nikia:  I’ll be In the studio working on the Album.
Hustle Mill:  Lets talk about your music, how long have you been doing music?
Nikia:  I’ve always loved music I’ve been singing sense I was 3 Professionally sense I was 16.
Hustle Mill: What’s one of the benefits of being an independent artist and releasing your music on your own?
Nikia:  The biggest benefit is being independent is you have creative control.
Hustle Mill: Right now you have a single out on iTunes called “The Drug Song”, where else can people purchase music from you?
Nikia:  The song is everywhere google amazon Spotify tidal or on my site
Hustle Mill: How is a live show from Nikia?
Nikia:  A Live show from Nikia is very explosive the band is on point and there are always surprises
Hustle Mill:  Other than your music, do you have any merchandise for sale?  If so, where can they find it?
Nikia:  Actually I’m working on a Nikia cosmetic line which will be coming out soon and a full line of Nikia merchandise will be coming early January.
Hustle Mill:  I apologize if this question is off the record, but as an independent artist where does the majority of your income come from?  CD sales, digital downloads, merch (if available), like shows or doing features?
Nikia:  Actually most revenue comes from Live shoes and merchandise sales at shows
Hustle Mill: Do you charge other artists for features or guest vocals?  
Nikia:  It depends on the situation
Hustle Mill:  How can artists get in touch with you for guest vocals and collaborations?
Nikia:  All contact info is on my site
Hustle Mill: What plans do you have for 2016?
Nikia:  Well first thing in 2016 the album will be released and a tour to support the release. There is a Nikia Calendar in the works for 2016 and of course the cosmetic line.
Hustle Mill:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?
Nikia:  Just keep checking my site for up updates.