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Polo Young Cocky “Nino” (New Single)


Polo Young Cocky is doing the damn thing!  The rising young “cocky” artist has a banging new single out right now called “Nino” where he quotes one of Nino Brown’s (the main character in the movie New Jack City) infamous lines from the movie “cancel that bitch, I’ll buy another one”, but just the first part and Polo’s energy level is on high!


Polo’s hyper energy matches perfectly with the beat, and is solid song overall.  Listen to the single for yourself at this direct link.




A Message to Hip Hop by The Empire (Single)

NCC Records The Empire

Take a listen to the new single from NCC Records’ The Empire titled “A Message To Hip Hop” featuring MC Serch, Lin Que AKA Isis and Craig G.


The single has the emcees giving thanks to the art form and culture and showing off each artists lyrical ability, for the hook it has veteran rap artists MC Serch, Lin Que and Craig G. speaking on their experiences with Hip Hop and why they love it so much!  Listen to the single at this direct link



Ms. Ke “Party Time” (Official Video)

Check out the latest video from Missouri’s finest Ms. Ke titled “Party Time” featuring K Bizzle.

Get more updates and information from Ms. Ke at http://www.southeasthiphopmag.blogspot.com

Check out Poet / Author Aliscia Melton’s book on Amazon.com


Check out the new book from Author / Poet Aliscia Melton titled “Sunshine BlackRose form Origination to Maturation a Transformation in Poetic Form” on Amazon.com at this direct link.


Hustle Mill Interview with Pupp Barber

Check out this interview with Rapper, Pupp Barber.

Hustle Mill:  In your own words, how would you describe a “Hustler”?

Pupp Barber:  I would describe a hustler as a person who is relentless in accomplishing a set goal.  A hustler to me is a person who will make things happen no matter what obstacles are thrown their way.

Hustle Mill:  What is your hustle?

Pupp Barber:  I consider myself to have several hustles. I have hustles that include monetary gain which include music, acting, writing and I’m beginning to get into fashion. My biggest and most challenging hustle is being a great father because that is a job in itself that is the most rewarding. I will let nothing stand in the way of being a great father and role model which goes back to my definition in the previous question when I stated that being relentless in whatever I am doing is a huge part of being a hustler.

Hustle Mill:  What are some of the hustles you respect?

Pupp Barber:  I respect every hustle unless it involves bringing harm to others. I believe there are enough ways and opportunities to make things happen for yourself in a positive manner to improve whatever situation a person might be in. I have the same respect for a manager at a fast food restaurant that I have for a CEO of a Fortune 500 company because it’s a hustle that helps them provide for their families and that’s what is most important about every persons hustle no matter what it is.

Hustle Mill: Getting to your music, and hustling, music is pretty much free these days.  What are some ways artists can make money from their brand and music, and what are some of the ways you earn money from your art and brand if you don’t mind us prying?

Pupp Barber:  With the music industry being the way it is today artist have to be more tangible and accessible to their fans in order to make money from their music. Social media platforms is a huge way to stay close to your fan base. The biggest attributer to me making money has been through doing shows and selling merchandise. I also have a few other things in the works that I will announce via my website very shortly.

Hustle Mill:  Are there any particular times of the year that your music does better in?  Which seasons?

Pupp Barber: I don’t usually focus on making music for a particular season because my goal is always to make timeless music. My goal every time I go into the studio is to make music to create a feeling no matter what time of the year it is.

Hustle Mill: What do you feel is the best way to get your music out there to the people?

Pupp Barber:  I feel the best way to get music out is through the Internet and physically going out and promoting in every city that is possible for an artist to reach.  Also a good supporting cast around an artist is a major part because it takes a lot of valuable assets in order to accomplish the main goal of getting the music out everywhere.

Hustle Mill: Do you plan on getting involved in any other parts of entertainment such as acting?

Pupp Barber:  I definitely plan on getting involved with other parts of entertainment such as acting. It has always been a goal of mine to try acting. I enjoy and embrace new challenges and acting is a hustle I definitely plan to tackle in the near future.

Hustle Mill: What business plans do you have for you and your music?

Pupp Barber:  My business plan is simple. Keep working hard and making the right moves that will benefit me and my music to the fullest. I would like the opportunity to work with mainstream artist so I can learn from them as well as producers. With the upcoming release of my album I plan to market to the fullest in order to earn the most return possible from my album and that includes getting more shows opening up for big time mainstream artist and so on and so forth.

Hustle Mill: What else would you like to tell the people?

Pupp Barber:  I would like to tell people to follow me and contact me on Twitter @PuppBarber on Instagram PuppBarber, like my Facebook music page Pupp Barber and check my website out www.PuppBarber.com for updates on merchandise, new music and videos. I also want to shout out AAO music, signature Seriez entertainment and all my fans who support me and believe in me and my music.

Hustle Mill Interview with Mono Bagends about Get Fly Summer

Rapper, entrepreneur stops by and talks with Hustle Mill about his new EP and clothing line, Get Fly Summer!
The artist drops some knowledge on pushing his merchandise, how the brand came about, his music and more!
Hustle Mill:  What’s going on Mono Bagends?
Mono Bagends: Loving Life and seeing a bright future.
Hustle Mill:  How has your Summer been so far?
Mono Bagends:  I’ve been getting fly and enjoying everyday of it.  Lots of secret stuff.
Hustle Mill:   What’s so “Fly” about Get Fly Summer?
Mono Bagends:  The whole concept of it. Everyone wants to make the most of their summer.  It’s a great slogan to sport on your tank or t-shirt to let everyone know that summer time is your time.
Hustle Mill:  What compelled you to come up with “Get Fly Summer”?
Mono Bagends:  Its just something I started saying and it caught on….everyone loved it so I had the opportunity to make the apparel and all the songs were already done that had that fast paced summer time vibe so it all came together. When things are meant to happen they fall into place.
Hustle Mill:   It was a great idea to market your EP and your clothing line this way, do you have any other ideas to keep the “Get Fly Summer” brand going even beyond the Summer or on other types of merchandise?
Mono Bagends:  It’s a good question and thank you.  I do have some other ideas for apparel that are being discussed currently.The Get Fly Summer will probably be revitalized in 2016. We started a little late with it so this was more of a taste test to really crank it up next year. I got very positive reviews. I will have other pieces of apparel coming out in-between the next wave of the Get Fly Summer push. They won’t be season specific.
Hustle Mill:  What’s your biggest seller right now?
Mono Bagends:  There isn’t one piece that stands out to me. All of them have been purchased in some capacity. To view the full catalog go to WWW.MONOBAGENDS.COM. For a limited time, you can get the EP complimentary with a t-shirt or tank top purchase.
Hustle Mill:  What are some of the most effective ways artists can sell merchandise?
Mono Bagends:  There isn’t any one way to do it. I am fortunate enough to have a full manufactoring and distribution deal with Merch Direct. I would start off selling them to your closest friends and at shows and take it from there.
Hustle Mill:  Who mostly buys the merchandise?  Who are your biggest supporters?
Mono Bagends:  Females buy most of the apparel. They are very loyal when they like you.
 Hustle Mill:  What’s next for Mono Bagends in hip hop and the business world?  
Mono Bagends:  I will be shooting a video for “Get Sexy For Me”…the single off of the EP. After that I take everything one day at a time and see what direction God will show me. It’s an exciting ride.

Interview with Chantal Whitman about Network Marketing and Selling Makeup and Beauty Products

Today Hustle Mill talks with Younique Makeup and Cosmetics Presenter Chantal Whitman about her “hustle” and that’s selling and pushing makeup products by Younique.  Read all about why she’s passionate about selling the product, why she does it as well as giving you the readers a closer look into why the product is so great!  If you are interested in purchasing Younique Products from Chantal Whitman please visit her store at http://www.theeyeshaveit.pw
Hustle Mill:  How are you doing Chantal?
Chantal Whitman:  Great! How are you?
Hustle Mill:  How long have you been a Younique Presenter?
Chantal Whitman:  About four months now.
Hustle Mill:  What inspired you to get into the business?
Chantal Whitman:  I fell in love with the product, and felt it was a perfect opportunity to work from home.
Hustle Mill:  Do you, yourself wear makeup often or just sell it?
Chantal Whitman:  I have always been a mascara and lip gloss kind of gal.  Becoming a Younique presenter has given me a chance to experiment with my look more.
Hustle Mill:  What type of specials do you have?
Chantal Whitman:  Until a million lashes are sold the presenters kit will include a bonus Improved formula 3D mascara!!  That’s 2 Mascaras, eyeliner, lip liner, lip gloss, as well as 3 eye shadows!!!
Hustle Mill:  For those interested in getting into Network Marketing or working for Younique what advice would you give them?
Chantal Whitman:  Now is the perfect time to become a part of the Younique family!  Beside the current bonus to the Presenter package, we have great new top of the line products to be released Sept 1st.
Hustle Mill:  Would you consider yourself a great saleswoman and if so, what makes you so good at what you do?
Chantal Whitman:  I don’t consider myself a sales person at all.  I believe myself to be more of a communicator of good news and cool things, so Younique comes naturally.  Even if I wasn’t a Presenter I would still tell people about it.
Hustle Mill:  Do you have a particular method of how you approach potential customers?
Chantal Whitman:  I don’t really have a method. I’m a friendly person and have never really met a stranger so it mostly comes up in casual conversation.
Hustle Mill: Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention?
Chantal Whitman:  September 1st we have some great new products that will complete any look! New Brow Gel & Brow Liner, and Mineral Liquid Foundation.


Get more information on Younique Makeup and Cosmetic Products by Chantal Whitman at http://www.theeyeshaveit.pw

New Single: Lil’ Hines “A Few”

Hustle Mill Featured Single

Check out the new single from Lil’ Hines titled “A Few” (produced by K.E.) here at this direct link


GET MORE UPDATES ON LIL’ HINES AT http://www.southeasthiphopmag.blogspot.com

“Champion” by General Grown now available on AMAZON

Check out the new single from General Grown titled “Champion” here at this direct link
Get more information on General Grown here athttp://www.southeasthiphopmag.blogspot.com

Video Exclusive: J-Rich “Full Time Grinding” ft. S. Dub



Check out the new music video titled “Full Time Grindng” from rising North Carolina based recording artist J-Rich featuring S. Dub!  Get more updates and information on J-Rich at http://www.southeasthiphopmag.blogspot.com

More updates from J-Rich coming very soon!